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The second annual Winter Park Chalk the Walk was Saturday, November 7. The festival was held in Winter Park in Orlando at their Central Park. The event had adult, high school, and middle school categories (possibly elementary too? I can’t remember!) and a LOT of talent. Georgia Chalk Artists Guild member Katie Bush attended the festival and snapped some shots of the work:

2015-11-07 15.54.29

(this was the piece i did)

2015-11-07 16.53.41 2015-11-07 16.54.05 2015-11-07 16.54.13 2015-11-07 16.54.18 2015-11-07 16.54.38 2015-11-07 16.55.01 2015-11-07 17.11.18 2015-11-07 17.11.22 2015-11-07 17.13.00 2015-11-07 17.13.19 2015-11-07 17.13.27 2015-11-07 17.13.44 2015-11-07 17.14.15


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The Georgia Chalk Artists Guild is an association of professional chalk artists who aim to promote the awareness and education of chalk as an artistic medium, and to provide resources for the public to connect with Georgia chalk artists.