Frequently Asked Questions

General Chalk Art Questions

Does the chalk wash away?
Yes. All of the chalks that we use wear away, some quicker than others. Colors like black and red tend to hang on a little longer. Pressure washing speeds or frequent rain speeds up the process.

What happens when it rains?
Chalk is a water soluble material, so when it rains, the piece begins to break down immediately.

Can you make it permanent?
No, you cannot make chalk permanent. We wish there was a magic spray or something that could do that! You can however take pictures and commit the performance to memory.

How long does it take to make chalk art?
Great question! The time involved depends on the complexity of a piece. Larger pieces take more time to create, but a larger area can be covered more quickly if there is less detail.

Organization Questions

Can you chalk at my event without payment?
We want to ensure that all of our members’ hard work and creativity is valued and for that reason GACAG members do not chalk for free. All artists are different and can work with you to perform with your budget.

GACAG does one chalk piece a year for charity. Please contact us if you are a non-profit and would like to be considered for this yearly charity donation.

How much does it cost?
Different factors that contribute to the cost of a chalk piece. Some of these factors include preparation time, materials, and the execution/performance of the piece. The best way to get an idea of the cost is to contact us or reach out to an individual artist.

Who’s doing contracted work?
When you find an artist via GACAG, GACAG acts only to pair you with an available member artist. Contracted work is between the artist and the person or organization commissioning the work.