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Jessi Queen

Jessi_Queen_Chalk_ArtistShe started chalking at the SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival in 2007, receiving Honorable Mention, while she was a just a high schooler. Growing up in Savannah, she fell in love with the chalk medium and practiced large drawings at school and in her driveway. She was one of only fifty students in all of GA to be selected for the Governor’s Honors Program, where she majored in visual arts at Valdosta State.

While in college, her chalk art was featured in the SCAD Connector. In 2011, she began chalking for retail spaces. She also led workshops for various colleges including the Art Institute of Atlanta, SCAD art camps, art and music festivals and events for nonprofit organizations. She introduced Zach to the medium and they have been chalking together annually at the Bragg Jam Music and Arts Festival since 2012. In 2013, she was asked to be a featured artist at the Marietta Chalk Festival.

In 2014, she also started the Georgia Chalk Artists Guild with Katie Bush and Zach Herndon. The organization has since grown to over 20 members and partners with Georgia festivals to bring chalk art to various corners of the state.

In 2015, Jessi, along with her husband Zach, won both First Place and People’s Choice Award at the Gwinnett Arts Fest.

Jessi continues to do freelance chalk work and has many appearances scheduled for chalk festivals in 2016including an international street painting festival in Germany!

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