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Chalk Art Festivals are for Everyone

A chalk festival is an event where chalk artists gather to draw with chalk medium on the sidewalk. Usually each artists gets assigned a square and they draw within a given theme. A lot of times there is a competition involved and the artist with the most interesting and original drawing will win. Part of the GA Chalk Artist Guild mission is to bring awareness to this form of art and hopefully grow the number of festivals hosted in the state.

We bring the art making process to you

When artists draw or paint in the street it is very special to experience. They are bringing what would normally only happen in a studio to the public to see. We welcome questions! Chalk artists engage the community by showing them art and even inviting them in. I always try to find the opportunity to let an interested little person help.

3 day festival drawing

How chalk festivals are set up

A chalk art festival can be comprised of a few sections. We always like to have a free for all area. Some people call this a community chalk area or kids zone. We do not limit it to children! We invite people of all ages to chalk with us as part of our mission to promote chalk as an art medium.


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