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The Georgia Chalk Artists Guild was well represented at the 2015 Sarasota International Chalk Festival! Participating members included Katie, Jessi, Zach and Dianne. Katie arrived a few days early to help with the Guinness World Record painting. The festival lasts 3 days, giving the artists around 20 hours to complete their large pieces.

2015-11-13 13.37.11

Here’s a shot of Jessi and Zach getting Jessi’s piece set up on Miami Avenue

2015-11-13 17.50.21

Katie didn’t get much done on day 1…

2015-11-14 08.47.49

Jessi and Katie chalking on day 2

2015-11-11 13.21.38

The Guinness World Record street painting piece at the Venice Municipal Airport

2015-11-11 14.22.49-1

An artist’s portrait of Frida Kahlo on display at the “Going Vertical” section of the festival

2015-11-12 16.57.09

Artist Leon Keer’s gummy bear art





2015-11-15 07.42.14

Lisa Gaither (our NC friend!) chalking

2015-11-15 07.57.58

Katie with this great 3d piece by two artists from India

2015-11-15 08.00.02

The theme was “eat, drink, and be merry”

2015-11-15 08.10.19

Nancy Garza’s great kitty/spaghetti art (Katie, a lover of cats, was a huge fan)


Katie’s final piece, day 3


Jessi’s almost done with her piece!


Zach (finally!) flew solo and did his own piece at the festival. It was a technical masterpiece. Congrats, Zach!