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Bathtub Mermaid.

Cathryn and Andrew working on the bathtub mermaid.

Pop up chalk fest has become a staple event for us. We can travel all around the world creating chalk murals but there is nothing like home. Nothing represents our hometown better then getting out there and creating art at Atlanta Streets Alive. The Open Streets initiative is brilliant. It brings everyone out into the street where they normally would not wander.

We started early for this Pop-Up by partnering with Colony Square. We were able to hit the sidewalk at 10am to begin chalking. A lot of artists pre-registered and we also attracted walk up artists. Our newest member Cathryn Bozone was a walk up artist. She went on to participate in the Marietta Chalktoberfest on October 8-9. There was an awesome smattering of techniques used throughout the morning including the use of tempera paint, basic blending, and cross-hatching. The art looked great by the time that Atlanta Streets Alive started and we had over 10 drawings nearing completion.

Rain organizer.

Zach sitting in the aftermath of the rain.

At around 4pm however, it started to look like rain was coming. Once the rain started the community space slowed and everyone scrambled for Kristin’s pop-up tent. Chalk was saved, but drawings were drenched. Despite the wet, everyone was awesome and were clearly having a good time. We still had a fun day and the event overall was a success.

Our next Pop Up Chalk festival is on October 23, 2016 and will be located adjacent to the Fox Theatre of Atlanta on Peachtree St NE. We have nearly 20 artists signed up and are looking forward to a big crowd. With the growing popularity of our event we are proud to feature many talented chalk artists. You can participate or volunteer by signing up here.



Photo Recap

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