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It seems like everyone made it out to Nashville for this year’s Nashville Chalk Fest. Since this is Jacob Brooke’s backyard and James Wheeler’s old stomping ground, and Zach and Jessi drove up, we had four GACAG artists in attendance. The event had great weather and everyone was able to work from beginning to end without stopping due to rain or other such distractions.

Jacob drew an original piece which includes a turtle playing a cigarbox guitar in the bayou. The piece received a lot of praise from everyone walking by and was remarkable for its great use of contrast. The surface that Jacob had to work with was a lot rougher than the newly paved area that James, Jessi, and Zach were on. Despite this, his piece was among the finer pieces on display during the festival.

James completed his original drawing about time. It featured an hourglass in a land which is much like that found in the Temple of Gozer in the first Ghostbuster’s movie. on time which he did not have enough time to finish at the June Pop-Up Chalk festival due to rain. His piece was situated as an end cap adjacent to the main entrance to the street art and was an excellent piece to herald in the festival participants.

We picked up a new blending tool this weekend. One of the Nashville artists who was drawing a giant 12′ by 12′ Doctor Who picture was using pool noodle to blend large stretches of color across his art. Jessi adopted this at the end of the day on Sunday to quickly fill in black and blue around her reproduction of The ArchAndroid album cover which received praise from Janelle MonĂ¡e on Instagram for her work.

Zach attempted another Roy Lichtenstein piece. This time he changed up the Ben-Day dot pattern to be hexagonal. The piece was set on a light blue background which caused the subject of the piece to pop out in a bold way.

This is hands down one of the best festivals to watch in the next couple of years. Nashville has got everything it needs to become one of the premiere street painting events in the Southeast. The organizers know what it takes to get people to come out participate in the creation process while simultaneously balancing an amazing atmosphere where artists can make come together to make art and trade skills.