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This year’s Chalktoberfest was awesome. There were over 70 artists from all over the world, 8 of which were from GA. The theme was “Old Masters”, which created an awesome opportunity for our artists to show their talent on a big stage. The event received a lot of promotion and Jessi and Zach were featured as part of the October 4th Good Day Atlanta morning show on Fox 5.

The weekend of Chalktoberfest had probably the most members we’ve ever seen at any one event. Jessi Queen, Ed Rosell, Lee Mobley, Kevin Powell, Zach Herndon, James Wheeler, Cathryn Bozone (1st Festival!!!), Lisa Gaither, Amanda Hoback, Shawn McCann, Sharyn Chan, Chelsey Austin, Shane Mesmer, Leslie Perdomo, Lori Hughes, and on Saturday Adam Dunlap stopped by to say hey.

Everyone did an amazing job. The weather held out despite the Hurricane in FL and Saturday evening the festival chose not to cover everyone’s art. This year instead of just having horizontal temporary art, there were also vertical walls that were painted as a performance for visitors to admire. Shawn was on one of these vertical walls and was sandwiched between Zach and Jessi.

Everything at Chalktoberfest was going well but then Zach found this truly awful shirt at Walgreens. It was priced to sell and he bought it. For the remainder of the weekend he attempted to get everyone he met to wear it and in fact wore it himself far more than was healthy. The shirt has since been retired.

There was also a chalking competition on Sunday which had quite a few talented people compete. This year the festival was over 3 three streets of the square. Sunday the chalking competition filled the forth street, completing the square. It was amazing.