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This Halloween the GA Chalk Artists Guild partnered with Little Five Arts Alive to exhibition our street painting skillsĀ at the Bass Recreation Center on Moreland Avenue as part of the festivities that surround the annual Little 5 Points Halloween Festival and Parade. We also provided community driven drawings via an interactive workshop which went really well.

Everyone put on their costumes and got out around noon to start drawing. James Wheeler and Cathryn Bozone both brought their best and created some visually stunning drawings. James created a 3-D piece using the program mentioned on the chalk supplies post. His drawing was based on the classic movie War of the Worlds while Cathryn did a portrait of Gene Wilder as Young Frankenstein. Jessi Queen also participated and drew a portrait of an elf princess.

After the event was over it was time to clean up. However, this time we didn’t just pack up our stuff and go, we had to clean up the chalk too. We had a hose which was connected at the nearby Wrecking Bar. The pressure was low, but James and I had high resolve. James took a broom while I sprayed water and we were able to remove the color from the ground quickly. It was weird having to remove the chalk, but it came up so easily it makes me more confident to tell anyone interested in chalk art at their event that it comes right up.

At the end of the day we went to The Porter nearby for food. It was a great day and I can’t wait until we partner with Little 5 Arts Alive in the future.

[unitegallery L5ArtsAlive_Halloween]