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As Pokemon Go is becoming a huge fad across players of all backgrounds, chalk art expands its popularity as well. People are going outside who would normally never venture from their gaming computers. It is a perfect opportunity for artists to share in the augmented reality game and influence others. Our members have jumped on board as well. See some of Pokemon fan art below.

3D Chalk Phone to Play Pokemon Go by The Chalk Guys

The Chalk Guys are always drawing something playful and fun! They create 3D chalk drawings all over the world.

Cass Womack Created 3D Pokemons

Chalkfest Buffalo 2016

Pokemon Chalk Art by Katie Bush

Our founding member Katie Bush created a chalk drawing in Marietta Square in the heat of the Pokemon Go hype. Children and adults were all over the square catching Eevees, Magikarps and more!

Pokemon Chalk at Luna Park Chalk Art Festival

Pokemon Go came to the Luna Park Chalk Festival and left it’s mark! Our member Wayne Renshaw captured these great photos. View his work here.

Pokemon Chalk Art by Wylie Caudill

Chalk artist  Wylie Caudill have gone viral for chalking all 151 Pokemon characters at EKU in Kentucky.

Ash Catch'em at Honey Bubble

Monkpanda is the resident chalk artist at Honey Bubble. He is so creative with mixing bubble tea with trending topics and pop culture icons.

MonkPanda's drawing of Pokemon