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2016-02-21 17.45.22Welcome to The Georgia Chalk Artists Guild! Why did we become a guild you ask?
Georgia chalk artists, Jessi Queen, Zach Herndon and Katie Bush, were talking about the lack of chalk community specific to GA at a Mini-Maker’s Faire in Decatur, GA. Everyone was so passionate about the medium that they wanted to band together to achieve great things in the chalking world. Zach Herndon suggested that they make their dreams a reality. So they met another morning over coffee and donuts and put their ideas to paper! They chalked up a plan for a logo, a website, and a guild mission. They knew it would not be enough to just chalk amongst themselves so they asked around and received a few interested parties. Soon the guild was in full swing and members started signing up. Anyone interested in becoming a chalk artist can sign up too. It is completely free.


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